Hosting an Online Event? Presenting Mercury Livestream Features

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  • Post published:25/01/2022
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Mercury Livestream is AVS Solutions’ latest product. Due to the horrible pandemic, we were all forced to change life habits, ways of thinking/behaving, business models, and other things related to life. But life must win! We all need to adapt, but there is always a way to overcome the restrictions.

What is Mercury Livestream?

In that spirit, we developed a web-oriented solution for organizing any type of virtual event. Mercury Livestream is intended primarily for organizing conferences, fairs, and seminars but it can be used for concerts and theatrical performances too. We worked diligently to make a solution that meets most of our potential clients’ requests. In addition, we researched the competition, talked to potential users and partners, and added the part(s) that we ourselves would like to use in such an application. But the real feedback was acquired from the “battlefield”. We were supporting 4 conferences last year (Zagreb, Vienna, Cleveland, and Belgrade) and after each of them, we had some additional fine-tuning.

For online events to be flawless, it is necessary to synchronize several different activities and services. That is why Mercury Livestream offers all-in-one:

  1. Online tickets sales
  2. Live Broadcast preparation & organisation
  3. High-performance Hosting
  4. Web app

Not only do we have an Online tickets sales mechanism but we developed the Credential system too. That system allows automation of creating users, assigning passwords, and sending emails which can save a lot of time for event organizers.

Mercury Livestream All-in-one features

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is not only necessary but highly recommended. To host and organize a virtual event, whether it is a concert, webinar, or multi-day conference, requires the same care and attention as an in-person event. By thinking of virtual events not as small one-off presentations, but as added value, engagement-driven lasting experiences, you can create an impactful event that extends well beyond a computer screen. In other words, we tried to simulate the real conference and to provide participants with benefits as if they were at a live conference.


Sponsors and exhibitors can be showcased via customized digital booths, while participants can learn more about the companies through the content found at each booth. Each sponsor receives their own account that allows them to communicate with interested visitors and present the latest achievements and open positions.


We support the organisation of the live stream, pre-recorded video, video content production, hybrid and online events, multi-sessions, translations. Our experienced and highly skilled team guarantees high video production performances.

Mercury Livestream features - Austria conference


An important part of any conference is making new connections. Because of that Mercury Livestream provides two communication channels. Every participant can use a chat room for text messages. The notification system helps to keep up to date with the latest activities. Furthermore, we anticipated the video chat option. If needed, participants can schedule a private 1 on 1 call to discuss important topics, meet potential partners and make a new connection.


Every participant gets a personal calendar for creating a schedule, adding events they want to attend, schedule appointments. All types of events can be added to the personal calendar – lectures, round tables, 1 on 1 calls…


Matchmaking is an advanced feature that enables all participants to discover and connect with other participants with common interests. The core of Matchmaking is a machine-learning algorithm that provides personal recommendations based on your imported data and answers from the form.


Round tables enable interactivity of all participants, panel discussions, setting of moderators and, if necessary, codes for access to the round table. At the client request, we can activate a large number of round tables with different topics at the same time. One moderator is appointed at each round table to lead the discussion and give the floor to the speakers.

Mercury Livestream features - Austria conference

We covered all the main necessities and it will get even better in the future. In the meantime, we prepared a whole list of improvements and new „would be nice to have“ features. As you read this article, we are already developing Mercury Livestream v2.0. and really hope you will like it.

So, stay tuned, see you soon!