Virtual Events Dos and Don’ts for Event Organisers

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  • Post published:28/03/2022
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It would seem like COVID19 is behind us, and we are all eager to get out and mingle with people in person. The pandemic was difficult, and it made us change our life, work habits, means of communication. We had to adapt, embrace the new normal and make the most of the situation. In doing so, we got better and better, so did the Virtual events. In case you are wondering how to organize your event, we have advice for you.

The first thing to consider is if it is an in-person or virtual event or both. To be honest, this is a thing of personal preference and often budget. An online event only, allows you to work with a smaller budget, while a hybrid one is two events in one.

Event technology is your friend

That is why you need to select the right platform for your event. The platform that can support all your and the audience’s expectations. Make sure you make it easier for participants with a tool that focuses on simplicity. This way, they can stay focused, easily manage their way around, with the minimum steps possible.

Tools that let attendees communicate and network are key

Organize and structure networking concepts to attract participants. Allow attendees to match and schedule meetings. Let them be part of your event with event networking, 1 on 1 video calls, round tables, and matchmaking.

Hosting Virtual Events Dos and Don’ts - Tools to communicate

Keep audiences engaged and involved with the right story and format

The right format for an online event is different from the in-person one. The sessions should be shorter and the content more concise. Do take advantage of pre-recording or repurposing content to extend your investment. Allow attendees to participate, ask questions and discuss through Q&A sessions and round tables discussions.

Flexible sponsorship options

There is no one-size-fits-all sponsorship package that suits all events. You need a flexible and functional platform to help sponsors raise their brand’s awareness, highlight their products and service, and engage with prospective customers. Allow your sponsors to interact with the audience with live chat and video calls. Allow your audience a chance to take a break and allow sponsors an opportunity to address the audience with pre-recorded content.

Hosting Virtual Events Dos and Don’ts - Flexible sponsorship options

Do not underestimate Virtual events

Please do not think that virtual events are less work than in-person ones. They do require dedication and work, but with the right team, you do not need to worry about success.

Do not go back to in-person only

Going back to physical events only is not a solution. You need to adapt to your participants and respect their choices. The way we live and work today has changed, and so have our habits. A lot of people learned that working remotely is quite fine, and they can choose where they live. It can be some remote place with limited travelling options. This goes, not only for attendees but for speakers as well.

Do not exclude anyone

If you are organizing an international conference, think of the participants and speakers that are unable to travel or prefer not to. Offer them a way to interact with other participants and feel like a part of the event too.

Do not do it all yourself

Please do not fall into a trap of trying to pull everything off on your own. Advanced systems can take the load off, from a promotional website, tickets sales, networking, matchmaking to tackling multiple streams through multiple days. Mercury live stream App does all of this and much more. Trust an experienced team like Mercury to help you do it right and make your event a memorable one.