Mercury livestream platform to host and organise Virtual Events

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is not only necessary but highly recommended.  To host and organise a virtual event whether it is a concert, webinar or a multi-day conference, requires the same care and attention as an in-person event. By thinking of virtual events not as small one-off presentations, but as added value, engagement-driven lasting experiences, you can create an impactful event that extends well beyond a computer screen.

Host and organise Fantastic events using our platform:

  • Foster attendee engagement with dynamic content and interaction.
  • Enable event attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to connect with each other throughout your event.
  • Give attendees easy access to key event information, live and upcoming sessions, event agenda, and private one on one meetings
  • Provide secure and high-quality live stream and video-on-demand sessions
  • Build community with virtual appointments and collaborative sessions powered by best-in-class video conferencing technology
Mercury livestream - Organise Virtual events

Mercury livestream is a platform adapted to all types of virtual events, online and hybrid. In order to better meet customer requirements, we have created two different packages that differ in functionality and price. The “Business Package” is intended for conferences, fairs, seminars, while the “Entertainment Package” is oriented towards concerts and theatre performances.

Business Package

Entertainment Package

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To successfully meet all your requirements before, during and after your event, contact our expert team for platform demonstration and organsiation details.

Some of the reasons to organise Virtual events:

  • Flexibility – What is great about virtual events is that they are flexible and can be tailored to your business needs. All you need to do is have the right platform and tools for the event you have planned.
  • Coverage – Most physical facilities have a limited number of people who have permission to access, and then you have to consider the cost of hosting thousands of people. Virtual events offer the scalability, which means that you can host more people for a fraction of the price. It also means you can expand your reach and better promote your business and brand.
  • Budget – The cost of online events is significantly lower than those held live. Seat rentals can be measured in thousands for a single day, and that doesn’t even take into account the cost of food and drinks, accommodation for speakers and insurance. There are no such costs for virtual events.
  • Engagement – 30% of people are more likely to talk to a person in a virtual chat booths than in person.
  • Reliability – Will you be forced to make a live event virtual or cancel it completely due to a virus pandemic, travel ban or something out of your control. Because attendees can follow the event from anywhere, these inconveniences do not affect the holding of virtual events.

The virtual event is built on the content and engagement of the participants. Video production quality and connectivity will be important, as well as the site that houses the agenda and content. For the video signal to reach the viewers in high quality, it is necessary to include video production. If a large number of people is following your program, high-performance hosting is essential. If you want to sell tickets for the event you need an online ticket sales system. As an experienced team that has faced all these challenges, we know that this is not easy to organise and synchronise and that is why we offer everything in one place.


We got feedback from the users (attendees), as well as from the company who was in charge of the production of the Conference - that this solution was one of the best things they have seen in 2020 - in terms of Online Conferences. This had helped us to start the Franchise in the US, Australia and to get some early sponsors for our other events.